why, you ask, are my non-binary tiddies & tender naked booty sprinkled all over my website for everyone to see? a fair question! >>

because i know the harmful impact on marginalized communities when we don’t see bodies or stories that resemble ours in art & media. because i also understand the life changing impact it has on our self loving journey to be presented with loving images of bodies that look like us, and stories of experiences that sound like ours. that is what intend to do here, & i hope you will join me on this journey.

i invite you to show up as you are, to feel safe and seen, therefore i must also be willing to show up as i am, & create a safe space to see and be seen. so i share these images throughout my website to remind you that while i am photographing you lying nakey in an ethereal mountain stream, experiencing pure gender euphoria just as you are- you are in a space where you can feel safe to let go and shed the weight of all that colonial, heteronormative, patriarchal, binary af conditioning you’ve been carrying. i want to show you how i see me so you can understand how i see you. pure queer magic. trancensent trans a r t. in this space, we celebrate our identity and expression. here, we are fucking cherished.